Xenon Delivery System for Cardiac-Arrest Patients

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Datalink Electronics has been appointed by NeuroproteXeon, a US-based company, to develop and manufacture an FDA-approved Electronic Control and Monitoringsystem for the delivery of Xenon to adult patients, worldwide.

Datalink is an award winning, ISO13485 accredited, contract design and manufacturing company, experienced in numerous industries in particular life science, medical devices, and scientific instrumentation.

NeuroproteXeon is a late clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing proprietary use of Xenon gas, delivered via a patented inhalation device, to protect against brain cell death following acute neurologic injury. The system developed by Datalink will be used to deliver an analgesic dosage of Xenon to the adult cardiac arrest patients in and out of hospital. 

The very high cost of Xenon gas poses a significant engineering challenge on the application of this method. Datalink’s design team with a proven track record in gas delivery and respiratory monitoring systems, specifically those with Xenon gas mixture, has been in an ideal place to undertake this development.

Datalink offers full product life-cycle management, including feasibility study, design, development, prototyping and manufacturing of products fully certified and ready for market. We provide a unique customer support experience, by offering a flexible and comprehensive design service, whether fully in charge of the project or as part of a consortium for a multi-disciplinary system development.

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