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We’re now into the seventh month of the most turbulent year most of us have ever experienced and there is no sign of the volatility of the market abating. Products continue to be under constraint, lead times continue to extend and unfortunately, prices continue to increase.

The situation is common across all product technologies and is affecting almost every supplier to a small or a large extent. We do not see any improvement in the situation in the short or medium-term and we are told that it will certainly carry on until the end of this year and probably well into 2022.

Demand is so high that many suppliers are no longer accepting new orders or forecasts for 2021.

We recommend that any customers who have not yet considered their needs for 2022 and beyond, to do so as soon as possible and place their demand for this period without delay.

Please let us know if there is anything that we can help you with.

Contact the Sales Team ([email protected]) or call 01509 231023.